Schüler einer 6. Klasse, Leitung Frau Bellinger-Fouchard, schreiben Indianergeschichten im Englischunterricht, hier zwei Beispiele:

The medicine

Bill the best hunter in North America was ill. He had the measles. But nobody could help him. Then an old man said:” I have got an idea. You must go to the Rocky Mountains near the city Casper, on the highest hill. You`ll find the helping medicine.” Bill was going on a long journey. On the way to the Rocky Mountains he found things for him. When he arrived he slept for three days. Then he went of on the highest hill. He found the stone of the wise. When he came back to his family, with the help of the magic stone, he wished to get very much money and a long life for all people. But his strongest wish was that all would be happy together.

By Michael Kohler, 6b


An old Indian story :

The friendly mole

A long time before the white man came, there was in Indian tribe. They only ate buffaloes. Every day they sent sentinels to watch out for the buffaloes. But one day, the sentinels slept the whole night. In this night the buffaloes went away. The Indians had nothing to eat. Now the chief of the tribe, Blackfoot, sent out four men. They had to look for the buffaloes.

One man went to the East, another to the West, another to the North, and a last one to the South. The Indian who went to the North asked a snake: ”Have you seen the buffaloes?” The snake answered: ”No, I haven’t.” The Indian was sad. He returned to the tribe. The Indian who went to the West asked a dog: ”Have you seen the buffaloes?” The dog said: ”No, I haven’t.” So he returned home. The Indian who went to the East asked a wolf: ”Have you seen the buffaloes?” The wolf answered: ”No, I haven’t.” So he went home sadly. The last Indian who went to the South asked a mole: ”Have you seen the buffaloes?” The mole answered: ”I haven’t seen them but I have heard and felt them from under the earth. They ran south.”  So the Indian said: ”Thank you”, to the mole. Then the Indian had a good idea: He made a fire and sent smoke signals to a friendly tribe in the South. The friendly Indians should chase the buffaloes to his own tribe. When the buffaloes came there, the tribe had food again. The Indian became the new chief of the tribe.

The End

 By Tilman Hohenberger, 6b